evaporative pre-cool systems for air conditioning

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Saving energy is more than a fashion statement – saving energy is good for business. Our Cool-n-Save HVAC evaporative pre-cool solutions are profitable, sustainable, and trouble-free. Thousands of our commercial and residential customers now enjoy lower energy bills from running their air conditioners.


HVAC Evaporative
How does it work?

AC mistingCool-N-Save® applies the known benefits of evaporative pre-cooling to increase energy efficiency of central air conditioning systems. The ‘Cool-n-Save Effect’ comes into play anytime that outside air temperatures – what engineers call “ambient temperature” – exceeds 85°F.

Amazingly, at this relatively low temperature, AC units are not very energy efficient. Colorado Springs Utilities estimated that a standard central air conditioning system will use 25% less energy when air temps are at 70° than it does at 95°. Why? All of that hot air cooks the outdoor condensing coils that sit outside of homes and on hot roofs of commercial buildings. The higher the ambient air temp, the harder AC systems must work to keep up with the job of keeping the inside of the building cool. READ MORE...

Return on investment:
in months not years!

eco-dollarsCool-n-Save® Commercial Evaporative Pre-Cool Systems consistently produce up to 30% savings on energy use. The savings in terms of lower energy cost ALONE is often so substantial that many of our clients earn back the cost of installation, equipment and maintenance within 6 to 9 months. Nearly all Cool-n-Save customers see a total ROI within 12 months of installation. READ MORE...

The Winner of the 18th Annual TechAmerica High-Tech Innovation Award...

TechAmericaOn June 7, 2011, Greenway Design Group, Inc. was named the WINNER of the 18th annual TechAmerica/ Harvey Mudd College Green Tech innovation award. Cool-n-Save was chosen from hundreds of applicants in recognition for work with energy-saving evaporative pre-cool misting technology designed for commercial and residential central air conditioning systems. Learn more HERE.

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Lease your Cool-n-Save

Save on cash AND save on energy NOW. Atticus Financial Group based in Vancouver, BC now offers leasing programs for Cool-n-Save commercial systems. Lease plans are available now through Greenway’s U.S. dealers.

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Researchers have explored evaporative "pre-cool" misting systems for decades. Greenway's "Cool-n-Save" system is the first economically viable system that has proven that it can produce substantial energy savings.

In 2005, Tulane University Department of Mechanical Engineering in New Orleans, LA conducted a thorough study of Cool-n-Save and agreed that it provided substantial reduction of energy consumption. Other studies from Colorado Springs Utilities and Hong Kong Polytechnic University agree that pre-cool evaporative systems, as envisioned by Greenway, produces substantial energy savings for HVAC operations.

Greenway has taken the concept and turned it into reality. Two recent field tests - one in Las Vegas and another in Costa Rica - were recently conducted under the aspices of third-party observers and/or customers. Again and again, Cool-n-Save proves that it lives up to it's name: cooling more efficiently, and saving money! Read MORE HERE...